How to play fortnite on chromebook

How to play fortnite on chromebook

Fortnite has rapidly emerged as a globally renowned video game, garnering immense popularity. Its widespread appeal has transformed it into a cultural sensation, giving rise to various merchandise, dance trends, and even an exclusive esports league. The game captivates players from diverse corners of the globe, including avid gamers who enjoy playing on Chromebooks.

The game can be accessed on multiple platforms such as PC, consoles, and mobile devices. However, if you desire to play Fortnite on a Chromebook, which is not officially supported by the game developer, Epic Games, is it feasible? And if it is, how can it be achieved?

In this article How to play fortnite on chromebook, I aim to address these inquiries and present you with an all-inclusive manual on playing Fortnite on a Chromebook. Additionally, I will delve into the game’s attributes, cost, pros, cons, and overall ratings. Let’s commence!

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an online game that offers three distinct modes: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative.

In Save the World, players collaborate to combat zombies and accomplish various missions. Battle Royale, on the other hand, is a competitive mode where up to 100 players descend onto an island and strive to be the sole survivor.

Lastly, Creative serves as a sandbox mode, granting players the ability to design their own maps and games utilizing the game’s tools and assets.

Fortnite is renowned for its vibrant, cartoon-like graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and innovative building system that empowers players to construct structures and defenses using materials gathered from the environment.

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Features of Fortnite

Fortnite boasts numerous distinguishing features that set it apart from other games. Its exceptional graphics, immersive gameplay, and intricate mechanics are unparalleled, captivating players and ensuring their continuous engagement. Notable elements encompass:

Large Map

Fortnite’s map is vast and ever-evolving, featuring diverse biomes that players must traverse in order to stay alive. The terrain presents a challenge that requires strategic navigation and adaptation to survive.


Fortnite stands out with its distinctive feature of allowing players to construct structures. By collecting resources, players can create buildings to safeguard themselves against fellow players.


Fortnite offers an extensive range of skins that players can utilize to personalize their characters. These skins are purely aesthetic and have no impact on the gameplay of the game.


Fortnite offers a variety of daily and weekly challenges that players need to accomplish in order to unlock enticing rewards, including skins, emotes, and various other items.

How to Play Fortnite on a Chromebook

As previously stated, Epic Games does not provide official support for Fortnite on Chromebooks, which are laptops that operate on Google’s Chrome OS.

Nevertheless, there are alternative methods available to play Fortnite on a Chromebook, contingent upon the specific model and specifications of your device.

Here are three possible methods:

Method 1: Using GeForce Now

GeForce Now, a cloud gaming service, enables users to stream PC games from Nvidia’s servers to their devices. With a stable internet connection and a compatible device, there is no need to install or download the games.

Notably, GeForce Now supports various popular games including Fortnite, and users can conveniently play them on their Chromebook using the Chrome browser.

Method 2: Using Android Apps

Certain Chromebooks offer the capability to operate Android applications, enabling users to effortlessly download and install the Android edition of Fortnite on their device.

Nevertheless, this approach is not without its limitations and disadvantages. It is important to note that not all Chromebooks support Android apps, and furthermore, not all Android apps function optimally on Chromebooks.

Method 3: Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a convenient tool that enables you to access another computer remotely through your Chrome browser. With this feature, you can easily control your PC or Mac using your Chromebook and even play games that are installed on it.

To use this method, you need a PC or Mac that can run Fortnite and both devices must be connected to the same network.

Your Chromebook allows you to view your PC or Mac’s display. You can operate it using your Chromebook’s keyboard, mouse, or touchpad. Additionally, you can customize the screen size and quality to your liking.

To play Fortnite on your Chromebook, launch the game on your PC or Mac and sign in to your Epic Games account. You can now enjoy the game on your Chromebook, just like you would on your PC or Mac.


Fortnite offers free access to players, ensuring that anyone with a compatible device can enjoy the game. Nevertheless, the game generates revenue through in-game purchases, which include cosmetic items like skins, emotes, and other accessories.

It’s important to note that these purchases are solely for aesthetic purposes and do not impact the gameplay experience.

Pros and Cons


1. Enjoy the freedom of playing for free.

2. Immerse yourself in an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience.

3. Experience a unique building mechanic that sets it apart.

4. Explore a wide range of game modes for endless entertainment.

5. Seamlessly play with friends across different platforms.


1. Achieving optimal performance may necessitate a powerful Chromebook.

2. Exercise caution with tempting and potentially costly in-app purchases, as they can be addictive and time-consuming.

Overall Downloads and Ratings

Fortnite has garnered widespread acclaim from both critics and players alike for its engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and diverse content.

However, some have voiced concerns over its monetization strategies, challenging difficulty levels, and technical glitches. Despite these criticisms, Fortnite has amassed an impressive 250 million downloads worldwide, cementing its status as one of the most beloved video games in history.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in playing Fortnite on a Chromebook, there are three different methods available: GeForce Now, Android apps, or Chrome Remote Desktop. Each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to select the one that aligns with your device and personal preference.

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